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Edmonton's #1 LEGO festival is back and will be bigger and better than ever, so, be sure to join us on August 24th25th for a weekend full of LEGO!


We are extremely excited to announce the return of the ever-popular; Pre-build Competition!

What is the Pre-build Competition?

A LEGO pre-build competition is an event where builders are tasked with creating LEGO builds based on predetermined themes, however, unlike traditional competitions that occur on-site, a pre-build competition allows participants to construct their creations at home, using their own LEGO bricks and resources.

Where do builders submit their entries?

Once the participants have completed their builds, they bring them to Mill Woods Town Centre on the day of the YEGO event. Builds are then displayed for judges and spectators to admire and evaluate. Judging criteria include creativity, originality, adherence to the theme, technical skill, and overall presentation.

What are this year's themes?

The themes for this year are as follows:


The "Things That Go" competition category explores vehicles, transportation, and anything that moves! In this category, participants are challenged to build LEGO creations that depict various modes of transportation, from classic cars and sleek airplanes to futuristic spacecraft and fantastical vehicles from the realms of imagination.​


"Static Structures" is a category that allows for a variety of structures, ranging from iconic landmarks and historical monuments to futuristic skyscrapers and imaginative dwellings whether it's a faithful recreation of the Eiffel Tower, a towering castle from a fantasy realm, or an original modernist masterpiece.


The "Cool Scenes" category is an open canvas for builders to craft captivating and immersive worlds or scenes that evoke wonder, excitement, and a sense of narrative. Builders are given the freedom to bring any scenario to life, from thrilling action sequences and serene natural landscapes to bustling city streets and otherworldly realms.

Additional Details

  • Cost: $5/entry ( non-refundable )

  • Pre-build drop-off time: Saturday 9 am - 11 am

  • Location: Mill Woods Town Centre ( centre court)

  • Entry Limit: No limit! We highly encourage multiple entries

Please use the form below to register and pay for your spot in this year's Pre-build Competition!


Enter the name of the builder!

( register different builders separately )


NUMBER OF SUBMISSIONS (multiple entries encouraged )

Thanks for submitting!

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